Bohemian Style Jewellery is for Unique Individuals who love to wear free spirited and Natural Jewellery that is not mass made.  Made with love and each piece is unique made with Natural Gemstones, recycled materials and has a Hippie, Gypsy Tribal Vibe to it. 

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Bohemian is the reason we have festivals.  The Wanderlust of the world is all related to Boho Style.

“Bohemian: was originally from the Romanian gypsies, the French are renowned for the Bohemian style, and unconventional lifestyle to be “You”, pursuing freedom, beauty, truth and love through individualism and the natural beauty of the world.  The love of the world having Wanderlust to not do harm to anyone, and love and live life to the full.

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We at beach boho love to use Real Silver 92.5 and Hilltribe Silver which is around 99% Pure Silver. Also using Copper, Brass, Vermeil Gold, and Gold Plating.  The emphasis for us is to make wonderful pieces that are colourful and mean something to you.

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On our website we have listed the stones we use and what birth month relates to the stone.

But did you know each stone has different effects for you to use.  Most people know that Amethyst is the calming stone, the stone of serenity, tranquillity, said to give you clarity.  The name Amethyst literally means ‘not intoxicated. 

Where Onyx, a stunning black stone, has a thousand-year history from Indian and Persian tales that Onyx is a protector from Evil.  It is also described to protect your relationships, and make them more harmonious, said to give a close union of two people, symbolizing the love between two people.

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The aboriginal people of America used Turquoise, which was left to rot by the people who dug for Gold, only to find some green and blue coloured stones that they saw no value at all.  However, the Indians, then took the stones and polished and used them for their stunning Navajo Jewellery, which we love making, each piece again unique, only made with natural Turquoise Stones.  In some stories and legends, it was said the Navajo people believed the sky opened up and rain after a long drough.  The tear of the people dropped into the Earth to form the beautiful turquoise stones, hence the spiritual connection of turquoise to rain.  In our modern times and beliefs, Turquoise is the birthstone for December and said to bring luck, peace, and protection.  For me, I love working with Turquoise for the colours varying colours of blues and greens, speckled and reflective, just stunning and a Bohemian favourite.

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So, if you love being you and being unique, check out our beautiful pieces, that we endeavour to make a special as you are.


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