Beach Boho Aus. www.beachboho.com.au / We are a small Western Australian Company, based in Perth Western Australia.

Previously working in the corporate world, I decided to give working for myself a go.  We are a small family business that help each other with everything.

I have a love of making and acquiring beautiful Jewellery.

Our Stones are sourced from ethically sourced areas, from around the world.  We endeavour to make all our wonderful original and unique jewellery here in W.A.  We also source some wonderful gemstone rings from India and Thailand (some rings are from the Hillside Collection, made from the 99.9% Silver and beautifully crafted)

Totally adore working with Hilltribe Silver, which are pure silver meaning 99.9% Silver opposed to the regular 92.5% Sterling Silver, which is still wonderful, but doesn’t retain that shine quite as much as Hilltribe Silver. All our Hilltribe bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and anklets are made right here in Australia from Hilltribe Beads and ethically sourced gemstones.  These products, we can make to size, given the time and resources available.  

We also very much love our newest collection 'Waterproof' Jewellery, which is so amazing, being able to wear gorgeous pieces whilst holidaying, training at your gym or lazy afternoon for a dip in the ocean, and not having to worry about taking off your beautiful jewels, and they are so affordable, which makes it even better!

We endeavour to recycle / resource, which means in plain language, products any supply chain are obtained ethically, upholding rights, decent working conditions, health and safely, with good business ethics. 

We hope you enjoy our beautiful Bohemian Jewellery.... Love to all Kathleen xx