Caring for Your Jewellery



Our delicate, handmade jewels can last for years with the right care and storage. We recommend following our care guide and cleaning instructions below:

At Beach Boho Australia we endeavour with our Jewellery to produce high-quality jewellery for all our customers, therefore extensive quality control and assessment of each product is conducted to ensure the highest standard of jewellery is received. It is the customer's responsibility to check their order upon delivery


Sterling Silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloy metals. This combination makes it strong, reducing the chance of scratching or denting. Sterling Silver has a bright, lustrous shine and is commonly used for clasps, ear hooks and ring bands.


HillTribe Silver is a traditionally handcrafted material that is made up of 99.5% Plus pure silver, making it ideal for adjustable rings and intricately engraved charms.

The charms and beads used in our original designs and made to be one off pieces.  

Although the finished beads are not as bright and glossy as Sterling Silver, the purity of HillTribe Silver means it holds its shine and lustre longer and is generally more resistant to tarnish. It is also more likely to be hypoallergenic due to the smaller presence of other alloy metals. All Hilltribe Silver Jewels are designed to be worn daily and are ocean friendly.  Hilltribe is particularly soft and needs to be look after with care. Most of our Hilltribe anklets and bracelets are made with tiger wire which makes them strong and durable, please ensure you do not tug on these, as tiger wire is strong and pulling can break the closures.


Silver is more prone to tarnishing from oxidisation than other precious metals, which can cause its surface to discolour. You can help prevent this by cleaning and storing your silver correctly.

There is no specific duration over which silver jewellery will tarnish, so we recommend lightly cleaning after each wear. There are a few key reasons your jewellery may be showing early signs of tarnish.  Swimming is NOT recommended however, if you do so, please ensure you rinse well afterwards, especially with Chlorine.  Also avoid chemicals such as tanning lotions, creams etc. as they can tarnish your silver and beads!

Oxidisation is a reaction that will gradually turn shiny silver metal into a yellowish colour. Without maintenance, the yellow discolouration will eventually turn black. The silver naturally reacts to hydrogen sulphide, which is found in many everyday items like wool, rubber and oil. It is also commonly found in eggs, onions, fish and shellfish. It’s not harmful to you. Some skin types have a naturally acidic PH level that can also cause oxidisation.

Moisture also causes tarnishing. Excessive humidity will speed up the natural tarnishing of your jewellery. Silver jewellery can even react to moisture on your skin or in the air. This is more common in hot and humid climates.

Contact with materials such as hairspray, cosmetics, deodorant, perfume, bleach, or body lotions containing chemical compounds can rub off the tiniest particles of metal that appear as jet black dust.

Recommendations for wear to avoid unnecessary tarnishing:

- Be sure to apply your make-up, perfume, and moisturiser before putting on your jewels and let it soak into the skin before styling.

- Keep your jewels in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and in a room with little moisture (Do not store your jewellery in the bathroom)

- Try keeping your pieces away from one another to avoid any scratches from friction

- Do not wear your jewels if you know that the surrounding conditions might cause them to scratch extensively or tarnish

- Note we always send a Polishing cloth with our Silver Jewellery - don't forget to use it.

- Foil (dull side up) Tablespoon of Baking Soda / Boiling Water.  Mix water and Baking soda in half cup boiling water, place silver piece in the solution and use an old toothbrush to clean your silver, and polish after with a soft cotton cloth or silver cleaning cloth



To prevent dullness and tarnish, each silver piece should ideally be cleaned and then stored in its own soft jewellery pouch or bag.

Wherever possible, keep jewellery away from moisture by storing in a cool, dry place. Endeavour to keep your jewellery separate and don't mix with other jewellery.

Do not store sterling silver jewellery on wood surfaces. Prolonged exposure to acids found in natural woods may cause tarnish. If you cannot store your pieces in jewellery bags, we recommend a lined jewellery box or similar.


Beach Boho Australian Silver jewellery can be safely worn in both salty seawater and freshwater. We recommend always rinsing your jewellery in freshwater and drying with a soft 100% cotton cloth after water exposure to remove moisture that may speed up tarnishing.

We do not recommend exposing your jewellery to any chlorinated water. Harsh chemicals can damage the finish of your jewellery. (other e.g. include Spa's, public pools, saltwater pools with chemicals, etc.) 

Note: It is not recommended to swim with Plated or Brass/ Copper Jewellery as tarnishing will occur


Gold Plating gives the appearance of gold without the higher price tag of pure gold or gold-filled jewellery.

Beach Boho Jewellery's Gold Plated jewels are typically made from 18 and 22-carat, with Sterling Silver base.

We also feature Gold Vermeil Jewellery which is made from 18-carat, thick gold layered on a Hilltribe Silver base. This makes Gold Vermeil more Hypoallergenic.


Gold Filled Jewellery (or rolled gold) consists of a base metal, such as brass or copper, covered in many layers of gold.

It is harder wearing than Gold Plated jewellery and is more resistant to tarnishing.

Compared to solid gold, it is also a far more affordable option. As is our Waterproof Collection made from 316 Medical Grade Stainless Steel with  18k Gold plating, tarnish resistant and fade free!