Why Waterproof Jewellery and does it really work? 

As most of us now days have a very active lifestyle… between work, family and friends, with your new waterproof jewellery / tarnish resistant and hyper allergenic, you can get on with life without worrying about your jewellery turning green! So, you can Swim, Shower, working out at the Gym and move through your day with confidence that your jewels can handle any situation.

We use Recycled Medical grade 316 Stainless Steel using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), and in Gold we use vacuum coating process that will ensure your beautiful new jewellery had a very function finish, and this PVD coating possess is a high resistance to wear for your new gold jewellery.

Waterproof jewellery can also resist lotions, perfumes, and hand sanitizers.

Unlike Sterling Silver or Gold-Plated Jewellery, Stainless Steel always stays shiny, just a quick polish or wash with some soap and water and a quick polish, you have stunning non worry jewellery.

We love working with Sterling Silver and have lots of stunning pieces, including Hilltribe (97% plus Silver), and it is a beautiful metal, and we love to work with Silver, however, with the lifestyle demands, we have had an outcry for Waterproof, sustainable and very affordable jewellery, to wear and forget.  Which is of course understandable in today busy lifestyle, as we mentioned before.

We love giving everyone a choice, and if you wear your Silver ... which you can still occasionally swim in, just ensure you rinse and wipe with a soft cloth, to ensure no discolouration.

We know you will love our collection, from our beautiful Fob Chain Necklaces, Snake Chain Necklaces to our beautiful new huggie hoop earrings, and our course our new anklets, and our delicate waterproof rings.  Not quite all here not here yet, all coming! and remember, we are constantly adding new stunning pieces to our collections.

So, keep your eye out for all our beautiful new and affordable Waterproof Collection ... and remember it's our little secret, your beautiful jewellery collection that no one needs to know it's not real  Silver or Gold ... it's just beautiful.. and stays that way!

Waterproof Collection

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