Well, we’ve gone through COVID19 and now the world is seeing some horrible wars … unrest and disease, making everyone is still edgy about how the world works now; there a seeking for new ways and peace of mind, be it finding a place to live, what job you want, to just everyday incidentals, that we used to take for granted.

I think we all need a little down time and although, I feel quite sure it’s not the entire answer, but I think we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves and others… they say that is the Bohemian and Tribal pathway, to transcend the ‘normal way’ and be unique and ‘become yourself’, mindfulness becoming very important and crucial to your new enjoyment of life, and endeavouring to be kind to others.

“Bohemian” is a way of life, it’s a person, a human being, to feel apart of Nature.  A true Bohemian is someone who likes to be themselves, the deeper part of themselves that connects with Nature and being unique, the little Hippie in all of us.  Usually a true Bohemian ignores the ‘ways’ of doing things because that’s what expect.  However, Bohemian represents many interpretations.  My Bohemian endeavour is to make unique and beautiful Boho jewellery and source jewellery ethically and environmentally as friendly as I possibly can.

I think it’s just enjoying one’s life and endeavouring to make the most of out of everything and every moment we have on this place with call Earth, our planet.  To make use of Natural qualities and effects of things such as vibrations from certain stones and having the ‘feeling’ that that brings.  There are stones that have said to have wonderful qualities such as Amethyst is said to be a stone of Calm and Soothing, and great for relaxing at the end of a hectic day, Rose Quartz said to be a Stone of unconditional love and to increase the joy in your life, enjoying each day with emotional healing and happiness.  Whilst Rainbow Moonstone a beautiful and versatile stone is said to bring balance, harmony, and hope, said to enhance your creativity, with compassion and confidence. 


When someone meditate, they say that you only way you manifest anything is to feel it has already happened, and endeavour to feel all you can, and take each day one at a time and be mindful of everything you do whilst you are doing it. Meditation Spinner Rings

Many pieces of Jewellery that we have handmade in Beach Boho Jewellery, I actually do that, I see people wearing the jewellery I make and how they enjoy having a little piece of love with them each day.  The idea of feeling grounded and finding balance with your jewellery that is not just aesthetically and metaphorically beautiful, but make you feel beautiful, with adding some boho chic to your wardrobe, by adding some special pendants or earrings, or that special anklet, giving you that little sparkle in your day. When it comes down to it, if what you wear helps you feel better, then do it, feeling better is said to be a path to a better life.

Just as an end note, we may not always be able to be as spiritually aware or kind as we would always want to be, I like to think, that by wearing something that you love in a piece of jewellery or something that someone special gave to you, reminds you of who you are each day, and what you want to represent, and how something can help you feel the right way.  No one is perfect, which is exactly what make us human, the gypsy resides in all of us, and whether they are called nomads, gypsies, wanderers, or travellers, we all have that Bohemian trait somewhere and I think that’s one of the parts that make us unique … you be you and I’ll be me, be kind to others, and it will come back to you…

God Bless… Stay Safe & Well love to all….

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