In a world often guided by trends and norms, there's a liberating rebellion that comes with embracing the Bohemian spirit. It's about being daringly unique, fearlessly authentic, and proudly 'yourself.' This blog invites you to embark on a journey of self-expression through jewellery, particularly with the mesmerizing tribal and hippie vibes that define the Bohemian lifestyle.

The Bohemian Philosophy: At the heart of the Bohemian philosophy lies the celebration of individuality and a rejection of societal expectations. It's about freeing oneself from the constraints of conformity and embracing the vibrant tapestry of life in all its unconventional glory. Bohemians dare to be different, and their jewellery choices are a canvas for this radical self-expression. Hence the choice of wonderful self fulling gemstone such as Moonstone & Labradorite... Larimar the Mermaid Stone, or something as special as Onyx or Opals.. the list is unlimited... the Wise Women New that there is so much more to Jewellery ... than just being "Jewellery" is it an item to empower you, to bring out the best you can be, to bring you confidence to be who 'YOU' want to be, 2024 is your year, let it flow through you! and embrace your 'New Self'

Tribal Influence: Enter the enchanting realm of tribal influences in jewellery—a fusion of cultural diversity, earthy elements, and ancient symbolism. Tribal-inspired pieces bring a sense of wanderlust and nomadic adventure to your style. Adorn yourself with intricate patterns, tribal motifs, and bold, statement pieces that tell stories of distant lands and rich traditions.

Hippie Harmony: Step into the carefree and laid-back world of hippie vibes in jewellery, where peace, love, and freedom reign supreme. Hippie-inspired jewellery often features vibrant colors, natural materials, and eclectic designs. Layered necklaces, beaded bracelets, and flower power accessories become the tools to channel your inner flower child, radiating positivity and boho bliss.

Daring to Be Unique: Being Bohemian means daring to be unique, unapologetically and boldly. It's about celebrating the quirks that make you stand out and choosing jewellery that reflects your inner essence. Mix and match pieces that resonate with your soul—whether it's a stack of bangles reminiscent of distant markets or a statement necklace that speaks to your free spirit. Dare to defy fashion norms and let your unique style shine. Don't let anyone let you how you should or shouldn't look in the famous words of Oscar Wilde "Be yourself... everyone else is taken"  you have one go at this life, and that's all we really know, so make the most of it, every moment, every day, every time you be yourself, you reinvent yourself to be 'YOU'

Jewellery as a Form of Self-Expression: Bohemians view jewellery not just as accessories but as extensions of their identity. Every piece tells a story, carries a memory, or embodies a sentiment. It's a form of self-expression that goes beyond aesthetics, allowing you to showcase the depths of your personality and the adventures that have shaped you. So if that means your Gran Ma's pendant or your Mum's engagement ring, or just a piece you picked up in an Op shop that you love, do that, just love it.  We endeavour to make lovable pieces for just enjoying that moment, and maybe passing that precious gemstone on to someone you love and who love you!

Boho Styling Tips: For a true Bohemian look, layer your jewellery generously—mix metals, textures, and styles fearlessly. Embrace the beauty of natural materials like leather, stones, and feathers. Don't shy away from oversized statement pieces that demand attention. Let your jewellery be an extension of your spirit, an artistic expression of the unique masterpiece that is 'you.'

Conclusion: Dare to be Bohemian, to be unique, to be 'yourself.' With tribal and hippie vibes woven into your jewellery choices, you carry the essence of a free spirit that dances to its own rhythm. Embrace the boho philosophy, adorn yourself with pieces that tell your story, and let the world see the vibrant, unconventional masterpiece that is uniquely and authentically 'you.' The Bohemian spirit beckons—answer its call and let your jewellery be the anthem of your daring and extraordinary journey Never forget in the famous words : 'Knowing yourself is the beginning of Wisdom" - Famous Aristotle - Greek philosopher 

With love by the 'Hippie' in me Kathleen... lots of love for 2024

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