Collection: MOONSTONE

ThisΒ JuneΒ birthstone has been associated with both the Roman and Greek lunar deities. Hindu mythology claims that it is made of solidified moonbeams. Moonstone is often associated with love, passion and fertility; it is believed to bring great luck

Moonstone Jewellery Collection at Beach Boho All Our Handmade Moonstones areΒ (Triple A Cut Moonstone)

Explore the allure of ethereal elegance with our exquisite Moonstone Jewellery collection at Beach Boho. As a premier destination for finely crafted gemstone adornments, we proudly present a captivating assortment of Moonstone jewellery that captures the essence of mystery and sophistication.

Discover Moonstone Jewellery

Experience the enchanting world of Moonstone jewellery, known for its unique colour play and adularescence. Our collection features meticulously designed pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, showcasing the mystical charm of Moonstone, making it perfect for casual and formal elegance.

Moonstone Engagement Rings – Australia

Experience romance and individuality with Moonstone engagement rings set against Australia's breath taking landscapes. Crafted with precision, these rings feature high-quality Moonstones with a subtle sparkle. Choose an engagement ring that resonates with your style and story, elevating personal style and celebrating individuality and nature's most fascinating gem.