Hilltribe Silver Leaf Shell Necklace


Wanting to enjoy your beautiful Boho Jewellery at our spectacular beaches here in Western Australia, or anywhere at other amazing place in the world?


Well, if you want to jump into the ocean, yes, you can wear your beautiful 925 Sterling Silver or Hilltribe Silver, just ensure you rinse well with clear water, and finish with a polishing cloth.

Silver can also be cleaned with a little recipe –

Foil (dull side upwards) into a boil (that can take boiling water).

1 teaspoon of Baking Soda

Put foil in the bowl, then the baking soda, pour in half a cup of boiling water, stir up, place your silver into the mixture, and let sit, for a minute or so, then get an old toothbrush and give it a scrub, then rinse well with cold water and polish with your polishing cloth… comes up beautifully.  If your jewellery is particularly dirty or grimy, you may have to do this more than one.

We also recommend using your “waterproof” and “tarnish resistant” jewellery, as it is coated in 18k PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Gold and treated to give you more water-resistant qualities.  If its just “Silver” Stainless steel, you have total piece of mind… waterproof, sweat proof, shower, yours to do and wherever you want.


Get that beautiful Bohemian look at the beach with some of our stunning flower beaded necklaces, and our stunning Anklets and Toe Rings, to dress up any sarong or just wearing your bathers.

If you want to wear cheaper jewellery such as plated jewellery, beware as the sand can be harsh and scratch your plated jewellery.  Also remember that you need to wear study gemstones, that wear well, such as your beautiful Moonstone, Labradorite and Larimar (at the beach … stunning blues)

For earrings, if you are going to swim, probably best to wear your little huggie hoops or some beautiful well secured studs.  But if you are just enjoying, being you, bring out your beautiful Bohemian and wear your stunning Stone Dangles, just enjoying that hippie, tribal vibe, whilst on holidays or just that special ‘me’ day.

We’ve go you covered for your ‘Beach’ and ‘Summer’ feels… Enjoy!

Lots of love Beach Boho Team x

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