What makes our ‘Waterproof Collection’ Waterproof?

Physical Vapour Deposition coating more commonly known as (PVD). 

PVD finish or coating, is in short for Physical Vapour Deposition coating. It is a high-tech vacuum deposition process where the coating material transfers on a single atom or molecule level, which provides an extremely pure and high-performance coating.

PVD utilizes a titanium nitride that provides an extremely durable coating.
PVD coatings are more resistant to corrosion from sweat and regular wear than gold plating.
Gold PVD coatings can be 10 times thicker than standard gold plating.

Advantages of Gold PVD Coating
● Durability... look after ... and it's forever
● Corrosion resistant... tarnish resistant to the max

● Longer lifetime... you can wear and wear to your hearts content.. without the huge expense of Gold or Silver!

Our entire 'Waterproof Collection' features full stainless steel chains, clasps and links, together with any jewellery findings like the pins for our Pearls etc. Unlike so many other jewellery stores...We make it, so we know!

With 18k Gold plated stainless steel you can wear our necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings swimming at the beach or pool without worrying over tarnishing, green markings, or irritation. Perfect for sensitive skin!

Stainless steel perfect as it looks amazing both n Gold & Silver and it won't cause irritation on skin as it's hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. 


How long does PVD coating last?

While coating, at the end of the day, is subject to wear over time, PVD coating, if properly done, can endure external pressure for a significantly long time and can remain intact for more than 10 years with proper care. However, studies have shown that PVD coatings can enhance the lifespan of a product by up to ten times making them last more than 25 years in some cases. Which is amazing… and you can have a huge range of stunning pieces, at such incredible prices!


PVD coatings are generally used to improve hardness, increase wear resistance, and prevent oxidation, so it’s absolutely perfect for making Gold Plated Jewellery that can last the distance.  So, you never have to worry about swimming in the Ocean or Pool, sweating at the Gym, and can leave on in the Shower, without worrying about tarnishing… so you can look like a ‘rich bitch’ with stunning jewellery and not having to worry about it going green on your wrist, neck… or wherever your choice to wear your jewellery.


Also, whilst saying that you need to care for your jewels as you would any jewellery and If you swim or bathe with your pieces, we suggest rinsing them afterwards with clean freshwater to remove any chlorine, salt or hard water deposits that could potentially build up on the surface and damage or dull the PVD coating over time

How do I clean my PVD?

PVD maintenance is simple. You can use a soft cloth with mild soap and water. Avoid all products designed to remove tarnish or rust, and contain hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, and/or phosphoric acid or caustic agents.


There isn’t really a downside to owning these wonderful pieces at amazing prices, look like a million dollars for only a few ...and keep it our little secret… enjoy.

*Waterproof Jewellery Collection

Lots of love

Beach Boho Jewellery Australia

PS: We always include a polishing cloth for care of your jewellery 




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